Frequently Asked Questions 

Private Jet Charter Flight allows you to enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own cabin with just your invited guests. All information about passengers, schedules and directions is strictly confidential.

What are the advantages of using Jet Charter Flights ?

There are plenty of advantages got by the use of Jet Charter Flights. For example, you don’t depend on the standard flight schedules, you have access to almost all the airports of the worldwide, you can go about their business during the flight, use the Internet and telephone, transport small children and pets without any problems. You will save your time and avoid long queues and routine procedures.

Confidentiality ?

Jet Charter Flights allows you to be alone in the plane cabin, spending time only with people whom you invite on board by yourself. All information about your charts, flights and passengers is confidential and is not made known to public.

Convenience ?

You create your own chart for us to operate. You don’t need to spend a lot of time at the airport to stand the line and endure long checking procedures of documents and baggage.

Arrangement of work ?

The basic principle is that you should only pay when you need to fly. You do not have to overpay for purchasing an urgent ticket, you do not need to search for a flight with one more free seat for you , and do not need to spend extra money to buy a ticket from the urgent dealers. You order the aircraft strictly when you need and pay only the price of your flight.

Can I order the private Jet for international flights ?

Yes, we are happy to provide private jet for international flights. We are familiar with the rules, regulations and design of international flights. Our experience makes Jet Charter Flights the perfect choice for your international flight

How much do I pay for my extra passengers ?

The price of charter does not depend on the number of passengers. You have the right to invite on board as many passengers as you want. It depends only on the number of special passenger seats. But the government has introduced a mandatory norm of 3.90 per passenger leg.

Is there a list of prohibited items to bring on board ?

Yes, there is a list of commonly banned items for carriage. You can read it here:

How far in advance it is necessary to arrive at the airport to get on private Jet flight ?

It is enough to arrive at the airport 10-15 minutes before taking off. But actually, the departure time is up to you.

What is is the maximum number of luggage and its size ?

The amount depends on the capacity of the aircraft. In all non-standard situations, we recommend you to call and discuss it in advance with our managers, so we could choose aircraft properly.

Can I bring my pet on board ?

Yes, Private Jet Charter flight is the best way to travel with pets. While commercial airlines offer very complex conditions to travel with animals, we create the ideal conditions for flights with cats or dogs. There are some restrictions only for the exotic animal transportation.

Since what age can I take my children on board ?

There are no age restrictions. We offer the best conditions for families with children of any ages. You only need to discuss the details with our staff, so you could get the best service for family flights.

What about the meal ?

For all kind of private flights and as well as the internal flights you will be offered a selection of premium class of meals, snacks and drinks. For all long-haul flights you can choose your food beforehand.

Can I smoke on board during my private flight ?

All your wishes are taken into account for your comfort, we offer you an ideal aircraft with environment suitable for you.

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